Mai Po Nature Reserve

Mai Po Reserve


With its high diversity of wetland habitats including gei wai, mangroves, intertidal mudflats and reedbeds, the reserve is an important habitat and staging site for waterbirds. Some 60,000 birds form a spectacular scene as they make their annual winter migration to roost in Deep Bay. 


WWF’s public guided visits of Mai Po are the best and simplest way to experience the beauty of this truly unique and ecologically diverse wetland location. Guided by a nature interpreter, the tour follows a designated trail that explores the gei wai (traditional shrimp ponds), boardwalk and natural habitats of wild life, as well as the birdwatching hides. 


The vast biodiversity of the Mai Po Nature Reserve makes it a key site for students and educators to learn about our environment first-hand, outside the classroom. Ranging from primary, secondary, tertiary and above, WWF offers a number of on-site educational programmes in Mai Po.


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